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How many backlinks is it safe to create a day?

How many backlinks per day are safe to create? Google ban protection In 2019

People continually request from me “How several backlinks per day square measure safe to create?
”,” what percentage backlinks they must produce on a daily basis?
” To ensure your website stays on Google good side, you have to take a look at how many backlinks are created for your website per day. I will try to cover all the important aspects which are required to explain this.
Being a blogger you should know quality backlinks will help you to rise your Website SEO whereas negative or bad backlinks will lead to a Google penalty. No one enjoys being penalized in any circumstances.

So, today we will see how many backlinks per day is safe to create without being penalized by Google. This is a common sparking questions asked by most of the novice bloggers who have just started their WordPress website or migrated from blogger to WordPress. The scenario of a novice blogger can be different.

How many backlinks per day are safe to create? In 2019

If you go to find the answer to this question “How many backlinks per day is safe?” on Google. You will not find a lot of information about this. The reason is obvious.
There is plenty of things that decide the safe range to form backlinks per day?

There are some forums where people have given the answer with the exact number. I will suggest you not to go with those data. Those will create more confusion for you.
Nobody knows the exact answer for this. But yes, what are the major factors that can be taken care of while you create backlinks for your website? This can be a topic of debate for most of the SEO experts.
This will additionally assist you to know “how several backlinks per day are safe?

So, the question comes now “What can be the possible outcome of creating a high number of backlinks?”Let’s see it.

What will be the impact of speedy backlinks creation?

As you know if you really want to rank on Google with On-page SEO, off-page is also important. After doing proper On-Page SEO, people choose to go for speedy backlinks creation, thinking that they will rank fast on Google. this is somehow correct also. But not in all the conditions.
For an event blogging website I recommend this.
But for an extended term blogging web site or a business web site, I will never recommend speedy backlinks shortcut for ranking.

If you produce thousands of backlinks per day for a brand new web site then your web site may be flagged by Google.
Google loves natural backlinks. It can be either dofollow or nofollow. Google penguin update is made for checking the backlinks status.
You might have seen buy backlinks ads on Fiverr. Most of the backlinks sellers there use shady techniques (Like PBN – Private Blog Networks) to speed up the backlinks creation process. This may lead to penalties also if not handled correctly.

Natural backlinks are the key to success

Getting natural backlinks loved by Google is a time taking the process for new bloggers.
For Associate in Nursing recent and notable web site like msn.com, apple.com the scenario will be different.
I will describe it later in this article.
There are loads of fine techniques to form natural backlinks.

Creating a different type of content like Podcasts, Videos, and infographics
You need to grasp it however content will bring you natural backlinks?
There is a lot of ways to get good quality backlinks. I have tried to describe it here.

105 ways to get high-quality backlinks in 2019.

So, now the question comes is quantity or the quality what matters a lot?

Quality vs Quantity what really matters for backlinks?

You know a website with less no of backlinks can go for higher ranking in SERPs due to its quality whereas a website with tons of backlinks will not rank due to low-quality backlinks.
So, the standard of backlinks matters a great deal, not quality.
make sure to go with apace when you are doing full-time long term blogging.
Now the question comes “how to induce quality backlinks?

Google main goal is to provide searchers with a good search experience.
They want that the searcher ought to get the correct data per their search.
So, with valuable and fresh content, you have to focus on high-quality backlinks.
Quality backlinks – how to get it fastly?

1 From High-Authority Sites

You should try and get backlinks from high authority sites.
High authority sites area unit those sites that have a high prosecuting officer (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).
It can also be defined as the trust of Google on a website.
For example, Google considers .gov and .edu domain are high authoritative in nature. Getting just one or two backlinks from these domains can boost your ranking better than 100 backlinks from low-authority websites.
But don’t try to find a loophole in it. a .edu and a .gov website are authoritative in nature only it has no spam score, high DA, high, PA and good trust and citation flow. A newly bought .edu or .gov domain will not help you to boost your ranking.
You can use tools like Ahref and SEMrush to get specific information and website authority.

2. Backlinks from similar sites/ same niche

If you are running a website about “Computer repair” and making backlinks on a “dog care” website then this will not going you to help you. It can be harmful, in fact.
As I said, Google looks for naturally created backlinks. So, backlinks from another niche and topic will lead to suspicious activity.
That’s why confirm to induce backlinks from same niche and domain.

Now the question comes, however, are you able to realize similar sites?

You can take help from Alexa, it will help you get the backlinks information of other sites and will also tell you similar sites like you based on your content, domina, and niche.

3. Go for the diversity

You should never stick to a bunch of sites to create backlinks. You can reach up to as many as possible blog owners to get a dofollow backlinks. It can be done by any of the methods described above like broken link, Guest posting or comment.
If you use PBN (Private Network Blogs) to create backlinks for your site then the chances of penalization will be stronger. it all depends on how the PBN maker is managing his network. For a short term blogging or event blogging, it is totally acceptable.

4. Monitor your backlinks

Website optimization for SEO is important. So, you have to spend some time on backlinks monitoring and optimization. I am using Semrush for this. you can use Alexa or Ahref also.
Spam backlinks are one thing that isn’t created by you.
It is intentionally created by your competitors to slow you down or with other purposes. So, monitor your backlinks graph on a weekly basis and if you found any negative data then disavow it using Google disavow tool.
I am sharing you a graph of gradual backlinks rise for this website. Two Indonesian sites have created these backlinks just in some days.

Conclusion – what number backlinks per day is safe to create?

As I said the quality of backlinks matters, not the quantity. So, try to achieve natural backlinks. If you are buying backlinks or if involved in backlinks exchange process then you are giving a chance to Google to penalize you.
Only buy backlinks from trust seller and also look for the niche and domain they are offering for backlinks. Try to get backlinks from your niche and look of high authority sites. .gov and, edu backlinks are important to rank high in a short time.
So, you can say confidently now that there is no limit on how many backlinks you should create per day? Only the things matter is naturality of backlinks.
Thanks for reading.
If you have any query or suggestions feel free to comment below.
Have a good day!

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