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How Google New Layout predictions about the future of SEO – THESEOWIN

How Google New Layout predictions about the future of SEO

When you believe SEO and what’s modified over the last five years, that involves your mind?

Chances area unit, it’s one thing associated with however it’s more durable to urge rankings on Google.

But why has it gotten more durable to urge a lot of organic traffic?

Well, if you raise most SEOs, they’ll say it’s as a result of Google has created a far a lot of complicated formula.

They look at factors like page speed, whole queries, and many alternative factors that it should haven’t been putting abundant stress on within the past.

But that’s only half the story.
The reason SEO has gotten more durable is just part associated with Google’s formula changes.

Here’s what most SEOs aren’t talking this you would like to listen to as a result of this may show you the longer term of SEO.

Google’s ever-changing layout

When you perform a Google search, what does one see?

Some organic listings and some paid results, right?
And that’s what Google has shown for years. Much hasn’t changed from its core concept.
But over the years, they need regularly created tiny layout tweaks that have added up to massive changes.

Let’s inspect Google’s layout changes over the past few years… lucky for North American nation, Orbit Media performed random Google searches in 2013, 2014, and 2015 and compared them to Google’s
current layout for us

How Google New Layout predictions about the future of SEO

The big differences from 2013 versus 2019 are:
The first organic listing is drastically pushed down
The ads accustomed be clearly known through style parts, however currently they mix in additional.

The big trend is that the organic search results are drastically pushed down below the fold.
Roughly by 3.3X.
That’s a huge difference!
A listing lately might have a map, components from their information graph, additional videos, and pictures, and no matter else Google feels their users might want.

Another huge trend is that they are currently featured snippets.
Although these featured snippets can drive traffic to your site, they also provide the searcher with the answer they are looking for without having to click through to your site.
Just perform a hunt for the most important tree within the world…

How Google New Layout predictions about the future of SEO

Sure, I may click through over to livescience.com to urge the solution, but why?
Google gives it to me right then and there.
With organic listings being pushed down, and Google respondent some of people’s queries while not them even desperate to click through, this suggests organic listings can get fewer clicks over time.

And it’s not stopping there

Let me ask you a question…
How many organic listings area unit on the primary page?

10, right?
Well, that’s what we are used to, but when’s the last time you actually counted?

Google’s dumped 5.5% of organic first page listings. Yes, the first page does have 10 listings a lot of the time, but not as often now.

Here’s a graph that’ll show you the change:

18%!!That’s the proportion of initial page listings with but ten organic results.

What’s crazy is it used to be 2%. That’s a huge jump.

So, what else is Google testing with their layout?

This is a little take a look at what they’re doing with their layout, within which some results might not have any listings.

But Google did report that was a glitch.
The page wasn’t presupposed to contain any organic listings, however, at the identical time, it absolutely was presupposed to contain no paid listings either.

And over time you should continually expect Google to run more layout experiments and make more permanent changes.
Now before we have a tendency to get into the longer term of SEO, let’s get one thing straight.

Google is a publicly traded company. Sure, their goal is to create an amazing product, but they have to make money at the same time.
You can’t blame them for creating changes that increase their ad revenues.

Yes, you will claim that this is often making terrible expertise for users, but is it really?
If it was, individuals would switch to Bing or any of the opposite different search engines out there.

I still use Google every day. Yes, it may be harder to get clicks organically, but as a user, they’ve created an amazing experience.

The future of SEO

Google doesn’t simply build changes to their layout blindly.
They run experiments, they survey users, they struggle to work out what searchers need and supply it.

Based on the layout changes they need to be remodeled the years, you’ll build a couple of assumptions:

More Rich snippets – folks need the answers to their issues as quickly as attainable.
You’ll see a lot of versions and variations of wealthy snippets integrated inside future layouts as this provides searches with their answers quicker.

Less clicks to your website as a result of voice search – per Comscore, five-hundredths of searches are voice searches by 2020.
Don’t expect folks to travel to your website as a result of voice search.

People are trained to ignore ads – notwithstanding what quantity Google pushes the primary organic listing below the fold, folks are trained to ignore ads.
No matter what quantity Google blends them in, most of the people tend to click on organic listings.

43.9% of the globe still hasn’t come back on-line – we tend to all understand Google is that the dominant world computer program.
But solely fifty six.1% of the world’s population has net access.
As a lot of folks come back on-line, a lot of folks can use Google as their computer program, which suggests a lot of folks click on your organic listings.

In different words, SEO isn’t dead and it’s still an incredible channel.
Just inspect my traffic stats over the last thirty-one days:

But still, you shouldn’t only rely on SEO

I love Google and even supposing there’s a future for SEO, you shouldn’t place confidence in it.
No matter how good you are at SEO, it doesn’t guarantee success.
Let’s look at a company that you are familiar with… Airbnb.
Did you know that Airbnb didn’t come up with the concept of renting out your house or rooms in your house?
Can you guess who it was?
It was VRBO and that they came up therewith model thirteen years before Airbnb did.

But here’s what’s interesting… UN agency does one assume wins once it involves SEO?

Shockingly, it’s VRBO.

VRBO crushes Airbnb once it involves Google rankings and that they have for a really very long time.
Here are simply some samples of keywords VRBO ranks for that Airbnb doesn’t:

  • hilton head rentals
  • ocean city Maryland rentals
  • cape cod rentals
  • cabin rentals
  • vacation homes
  • vacation rentals
  • vacation home rentals

Airbnb will rank for organic keywords similarly, but most of them are brand related.

They crushed their competition while not wishing on SEO and that they were thirteen years late once it came to getting into the market.

So how did Airbnb win? Well, the main way was they built a better product.
But in addition to that, you focused on an omnichannel approach. From SEO to PPC to advertising on TV screens in airplanes, they tried all of the major channels out there.
Yes, you wish to try and do SEO, but you can’t rely on it as your only source of traffic or income.
Diversify, not because of Google, but because you can’t control consumer behavior.
People might not favor using search engines within the future, they may want something else, which means you will have to adapt.

Plus you’ll be able to not build an enormous business through one channel.

Yes, Facebook did grow through referrals. Quora did grow through SEO.
Dropbox grew through social media… however, those circumstances don’t exist any longer.
What worked for these old companies won’t work for you.
You have to leverage all channels to try and do well in today’s market.

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